Colonel Kernel is a soldier in the Corn Army.  His story makes up a strip cartoon series.  All you need to know about Colonel Kernel is that he needs a good dose of anger management.
So get off your cob and start reading - for corn and country!
To find out more about Michael, the artist and creator of Colonel Kernel - click here
Colonel Kernel strips were available through GoComcis-Sherpa in 2015.  A complete run of all the strips occurred over the year. A number of strips were highlighted in their weekly Editor's Picks.


Colonel Kernel comic strips 

     Issue 1             Issue 2              Issue 3             Issue 4

      2011              2012               2012              2013

     Issue 5             Issue 6              Issue 7            Issue 8

      2013              2014              2015              2015



Colonel Kernel comic strip collections

A new project for us is to collating Colonel Kernel zines into full-colour booklets. To do this we have been using Ka Blam Digital Printing.  We will collate four zines into each collection and have copies for upcoming Armageddon and NZCC events.

Cornucopia collects the strips from the Colonel Kernel zines 1-2-3-4 (October 2014).

For more about Cornucopia  -  click here

Cornered collects the strips from the Colonel Kernel zines 5-6-7-8 (September 2015).  

For more about Cornered  -  click here


Colonel Kernel comic stories

The Accident - 2013



Skull Search - 2013



Epic Journey - 2013/14

... has begun ... enjoy!

  •  Chapter 1                             May 2013 
  •  Chapter 2                             Dec 2013
  •  Chapter 3                             Oct2014
  •  to be continued


The idea for Epic Journey was born in 2012.   It took a while to get from ideas, character development, story arc planning and drawings ... as it is so epic!  The links below provide background to the members in Squad 11 and the different characters they meet while traveling.

Epic Journey Part 1 - contains Chapters 1 & 2
Epic Journey Part 2 - contains Chapter 3 

Epic Journey (Chapters 1, 2 & 3) - created through KaBlam Digital Printing and available through Wheelers Books ePlatform (for libraries and schools).


Colonel Kernel posters

Hand-To-Hand Combat - Sept2014                                     Corn army soldiers who join Special Squads receive training in hand-to-hand combat. 

Characters of the CK Universe - Nov2014                             The comic strips of Colonel Kernel are packed full of characters, both the Corn Army and the Green Vegetable Alliance.  

Global Domination - Sept2015                                             The corn army has a long-standing plan to take over the world.           


Colonel Kernel cards

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