The Accident

A Colonel Kernel Comic Story

Frames 1-3, Feb24-2013; Frames 4-9, Mar4-2013; Frames 10-14, Mar12-2013.

Thanks to ThomasH.

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This comic story is a series of firsts for us.

  • The initial idea for the story come from a friend.  Thomas suggested that Sergent Cole Slaughter would be a great name for a character in the world of corn vs broccoli.  Not sure the story is what you might have expected Thomas, but hope you like the end result.
  • It will be the first completed Colonel Kernel story. Although it has a punchline it is not a short format comic strip.
  • It doesn't feature characters from the Corn Army; either corn or Escargot.
  • We are trying a new font, using capital letters for dialoge and using elliptical word balloons.

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