For Corn and Country                                                     2012 Colonel Kernel comic strips (Feb19 - Mar23) 

The second Colonel Kernel comic strip collection 

  •   Daydreams                            Feb27-2012
  •   Rain                                       Feb26-2012
  •   Squad Ten                             Feb29-2012
  •   KFC pt-1                               Mar23-2012
  •   KFC pt-2                               Mar23-2012
  •   Reach for the Sky                  Mar23-2012
  •   Sky's the Limit pt-1               Mar23-2012
  •   Sky's the Limit pt-2               Mar23-2012
  •   Full Treatment                       Mar23-2012
  •   Escargot                                Mar23-2012
  •   Oh No!                                  Mar23-2012
  •   What the Blue Cheese!           Mar22-2012

  •   A Corny Joke                          Mar21-2012

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Enlarge cover image for issue-2

The following strips were featured in issues of 2013's Education Today: Oh Great Head of Broccoli, Escargot.

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