Coastal Waters 

O.21 CW.11  Nov2012


O.22 CW.12  Feb2013  -  ripped from the internet


O.23 CW.13   Nov2012


O.24 CW.14  Nov2012


O.25 CW.15  Nov2012 

O.32 CW.16  Nov2012 

O.35 CW.17  Jan2013 


O.36 CW.18  Jan2013  

O.40 CW.19  Feb2013

O.41 CW.20 a-b-c  planned in Feb2013 and drawn Dec2013

Guest artist: Michael had the idea for the shark humming the theme from Jaws and he sketched the shark in strips CW20a and CW20c.

The barracuda appeared in CW1, 5, 6 and CW17,18

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