Arctic Circle 

O.13 AC.1  Nov2012


O.26 AC.2  Nov2012


O.27 AC.3  Nov2012


O.46 AC.4  Mar2013


O.47 AC.5  Mar2013


O.115 AC.6  Nov2015


O.116 AC.7  Nov2015 

O.117 AC.8  Nov2015


O.118 AC.9  Nov2015

Killer Whales (Orca) are moving north - see 2012 link.

And this December 2016 news article (Times-UK, DomPost-NZ)

O.119 AC.10  Nov2015

Polar Bears are having to swim further and further due to diminishing amounts of Arctic sea ice, a consequence of rising sea temperatures.

See Feb2016 news update

See Apr2016 Google-Doodle Earth Day image

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