'A Tale of Two Ants' parts 1 & 2 appeared in consecutive issues of the Spacecat comic (issues 1 & 2).  We experimented and used different approaches for creating the images in the two comics.  Therefore there are some marked differences in the two parts of the story (use of shading, backgrounds and colour).

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For more about the species of ants that undertaking farming (of fungus) see the following:

And wow ...
October 2016 - in New Scientist: article reports that worms farm plants.
Marine worms have been spotted growing sprouts in their burrows.  The seeds are placed in the worms burrow and the worm will come back after the seed has germinated. It is easier to access and eat the germinated sprout.  So, maybe worms were the first to develop methods of cultivation and therefore agriculture?

Species:   Ragworm (Hediste diversicolor)
Habitat:   Sand and mud in the north-east Atlantic


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